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How it works

  • Write without distraction

    Focus on your thoughts and keep the words flowing without getting distracted.

  • Markdown or full editor

    Whether Markdown is your jam or you prefer a rich text editor - we offer both and you can switch anytime.

  • Never lose work

    We autosave while you write. No need to remind yourself to save your last version - it will already be saved before you know it.

  • Table of contents

    Always have an overview of your outline right in the sidebar.

  • PDF, Markdown, HTML?

    We support all of them. Export your documents with ease to share it with others.

  • Dark Mode or Light Mode?

    We have you covered. Decide on your own how the App should look like.

  • Comments

    Add and manage comments for every text snippet. Furthermore, you can decided to include or exclude them in the export.

  • Listen to your documents

    Write, listen, improve. Repeat.

  • Search

    Use the built-in search to find every document.

This is just the beginning, see our Roadmap for upcoming features.

Start writing

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It is your data, we will never sell it and you can export any time.

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